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Solar Mounting systems

Solar Mounting Solutions

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With a team of engineers that have over 8 years of experience participating in several solar energy mounting projects in and outside of China, Suntrans has the ability to offer a wide range of solar mounting brackets for different kinds of solar installations, including residential, industrial & commercial projects.

We work through a network of wholesale customers, distributors and agents across the globe. Our mission is to provide the installers with the high-quality mounting brackets to solid their solar panels and build a sustainable future by renewable energy.

Ptich Roof

Pitched Roof


Pitched roof is a common design across the globe. We design and produce different types of reliable and easy-to-install brackets for pitched roof to secure your solar panels. Hundreds of containers of brackets have been delivered worldwide. We can also customize brackets according to your demand.

Aluminum  Profiles

Mid Clamps & End Clamps

Pitch Roof Hooks

Other Components

Roof Hooks
Alu Profiles
Other Components

Flat Roof


By working with Suntrans, you will get access to use our Hook-EW and Hook-S, which are specially designed to provide you with an good alternative to triangle for flat roof solar installation. We can also customize brackets according to your demand.

Flat roof
Alu Profiles-1
EC & IC-1
Roof Hooks-1
Steel Deacks

Aluminum  Profiles

Mid Clamps & End Clamps

Flat Roof Hooks 

Steel Decks




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Our Xiamen-based engineers have a decade of experience in the design of industrial ground projects in and outside of China. Xiamen Suntrans New Energy Co offers its customers an end-to-end, high-quality ground project design including technical drawing and 3D modelling, tailored to local needs and specifications. As through our other product and services, we focus on cost-efficiency and excellent quality, giving customers the peace of mind they need to succeed while accelerating the transition to renewable energy. 

Aluminum ground mounting system

Type 1:  Aluminum Ground Mounting System

The design will be carried out by a team of engineers that have over 8 years of experience participating in several ground mounting projects in and outside of China, to provide the installers with the easiest way of fixing at site: 

-The supporting footing is pre-assemblied which can be unfolded easily; 

-Both ground screw or concrete foundation are workale; 

-Adjust the inclination and height freely;

-Different joints options for different site conditions. 

Pile Ground Mounting System

Type 2: Pile Ground Mounting System

The Pile Ground Mounting System is a stable but cost-effective solution for big projects,especially for uneven terrain: Fast installation, Time-saving fixing, Easy-matainning and Highly corrosion-resisting.

Steel Ground Mounting System

Type 3: Steel Ground Mounting System

The Steel solar ground mounting system provides some cusotmers with an alternative to aluminum braclets, which is stronger and more stable with simpler design on the Legs, beams and rails. It is cost-effective and workable for both ground screw and concrete foundation, and adjustable for different site conditions.

Aluminum Carport Mounting System

Type 4: Aluminum Carport Mounting System

The Solar carport is designed to provide the (EV)cars with shadow and Power, and the mounting system is designed to offers the coaport a simple, stable and cost-effective support. 

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