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Energy storage is a very important part of the solar mounting system. In recent years, with the continuous development of the photovoltaic industry, energy storage has become more and more important and urgent. Due to the advancements of science and technology, lithium battery and hybrid inverters have made great progress in the past few years. Now Lithium battery is widely used in the new energy market, namely by Tesla electric vehicles whereas storage battery is increasingly present in the photovoltaic industry. Suntrans commits to providing you with high-standard Energy storage solution.

Home Battery Storage Solutions 



LiFePO4 Battery
Low Voltage 13.82 kWh
LiFePO4 Battery 
Low Voltage 9.21 kWh
LiFePO4 Battery 
Low Voltage 4.6 kWh


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1-6 kW


Hybrid Inveter-02.png

1-4.6 kW

AC Coupled


Suntrans is the Europen distrubutor of Afore, a leading PV inverter brand with 10 years + dedicated experience in PV inverter R&D and manufacturing, we provide single and three-phase high-efficiency PV string inverters for a capacity of 1kW to 60kW, storage inverters and all-in-one storage products. All of our inverters are integrated with the smart monitoring system.

Afore means not only good products, but also high-efficient support to our partners and users throughout the inverter life span.

We make sure the customers receive reliable returns by choosing Suntrans!


Portable Power

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500W(P500)NCM Battery


1000W(P1000)LFP Battery


For outdoor camping, home emergency backup power, wilderness parties and man y other applications.